Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Why use natural stone?

Natural stone offers an incredible range of design potential with variations in colours, patterns and textures. Each stone is unique and one-of-a-kind. Natural stone is durable and offers structural permanence. Natural stone is low maintenance, eco-friendly and can contribute towards LEED construction with its high thermal capacitance, exceptional durability and low embodied energy. 

 What is the warranty?

There is no extended warranty with natural stone.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies by the type of stone chosen and whether there is extra processing (i.e. saw cut profile). Please contact your local stockist for a quote for your specific project.

How is your stone packaged?

Avaani™ Stone is packaged in crates of 250 square feet (flats) and 160 linear feet (corners). The minimum order is 10 square feet or 10 linear feet. Orders for less than a full crate will be placed on a pallet and wrapped.

Installation Information

How is it installed?

Avaani™ Stone should be installed over a 2.5lb diamond metal lath and scratch coat system or concrete board (exterior grade where required).  The stone is then bonded to this using thin-set mortar or polymer modified mortar.

How do you cut the stone?

Avaani™ Stone can be cut using a typical masonry saw blade.  Some rock splitters and masonry hammers may be used to shape individual stones if needed.

How do the corners work?

All profiles are available in 90 degree corner units.  These corners have one long and one short leg, which are to be alternated as the corner is installed.

Can I put this up on drywall?

No.  As with all thin veneers, drywall is not strong enough to hold the weight of the stone. 

Can I glue this on the wall?

While it may be possible, the product has not been tested in this way, and therefore not recommended.  

What mortar should I use?

Polymer modified or thin-set mortar should be used for installation.  Exterior grade products should be used for exterior applications.

Can I use this in a water feature?

Yes. Most natural stone can be used in water features.  Please check with your local sales representative for the compatibility of specific stones.

Care and Maintenance

Does natural stone need to be sealed?

Natural stone does not need to be sealed, but it can be, which helps to mitigate moisture and keep the wall looking better for longer.

What type of sealant do you recommend?

A masonry specific breathable sealer is best.

How can I clean my stone?

A masonry specific stone cleaner is recommended.

Can I use a pressure washer?

Pressure washing is NOT recommended for cleaning any masonry surfaces, including natural stone.